Secret Lives of a Sex Doll

Five members of the London Playwrights Lab have challenged themselves to do the near impossible: write a play that includes a sex doll as one of the actors!

  • Carol for Christmas by Pauline Wimbush: the story of parents worried about their son’s current love interest
  • Camping with Ted and Louise by Joanna Lavallee: a story about the heat goes up when the power goes out
  • What Would Janie Do by Lynda Martens: with unusual counselling by Dr. Janie
  • Tramps by Richard Nagel: a story about a tramp who finds his long-lost love, abandoned under a bench
  • Madelaine by Helen Wainman: a story about how some friendships can’t be defined
  • Charlie’s Spring by Rob Wheeler: a story about Charlie and May having a definite awakening

Tickets: pay what you can at the door; $5 donation suggested.

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        1. 8:00 pm
          Secret Lives of a Sex Doll

          See for details.

          Location: Procunier Hall

      Location: Procunier Hall