The 2014 Fringe Awards

London Fringe Festival 2014

The 2014 Fringe Awards were announced at tonight’s Fringe Fried awards ceremony. The “TiLees” baseball caps, featuring a new logo designed by Walter Sayers, were presented in eight categories; the first five, selected by Theatre in’s team of volunteer reviewers, went to:

Outstanding Show
High Tea
Outstanding Individual Performance
Jayson McDonald (World War Three)
Outstanding Cast (tie)
Concrete Kid
Judy: Stonewalled
Most Daring Show
I Hate Bill Pats
Funniest Show (tie)
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Private Dick
God Is A Scottish Drag Queen

The Impresario category of awards is based on the highest ticket sales (i.e. actual dollar amount) at each venue. This year’s Impresario TiLees were presented to:

Venue 1
2 Ruby Knockers, 1 Private Dick
Venue 2
Ladies Room
Venue 3
God Is A Scottish Drag Queen
Venue 5
The Deception Hour
Venue 6
High Tea

The final two TiLees were presented by the Fringe festival:

Spirit of the Fringe
Bob Brader and Suzanne Bachner (BITE and Spitting in the Face of the Devil)
Producer’s Pick
World War Three (Jayson McDonald)

Congratulations to all of those who took home TiLees, and thanks to every performer, artist, writer, director, stage manager, technician, trouper, Fringe board member, and audience member, for making the fifteenth London Fringe Festival another successful celebration of unique, independent, live theatre. Thanks also to Theatre in London’s review team of Emma Allison, Jo-Anne Bishop, Laurie Bursch, Erika Faust, Clara Madrenas, Bryan McLennon, Jeffrey Preston, and Sean Quigley. Finally, special thanks to the Fringe staff who work behind the scenes to make the festival and other events throughout the year happen: Dami Akinyele, Amanda Borland, and Charlene Wolf, trouper coordinator Sue Garner, producer Alison Challis, and executive producer Kathy Navackas.