Within and Without, The Flood

Along the shores of Lake Erie in rural southern Ontario, Grace, a twelve-year old girl, loses her mother to a car crash. As the show begins she runs away into the woods with her best friend Katya, following her into the forest. Rapidly they become lost and must now find their way back home. Along the way they become aware of the imminent global water crisis as they meet a host of mysterious and sometimes nefarious characters that offer them the tools they need to both heal themselves and the world around them.

“The signs of impending environmental catastrophe are everywhere, and no less alarming are the signs of breakdown in our children, families, and communities. Our bodies are made up of water, as is our planet, and both are suffering. In this play I ask the question, how do we protect our two most vulnerable and valuable resources: our children and the water that sustains them? In this play I strove to create characters that feel real, that express what kids are really thinking about and dealing with today, and in so doing, create a fun and thought-provoking piece of family entertainment that people of all ages can enjoy.” –Director Caity Quinn

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              1. 6:30 pm
                Within and Without, The Flood

                See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2014/06/within-and-without-the-flood/ for details.

                Location: Rotary Park

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