Toopy and Binoo Live: Fun and Games

Toopy and Binoo use optimism, imagination and spontaneity in their quest to find the best game ever. The story unfolds when a toy chest full of mismatched games and puzzles ignites the pair’s imagination. Watch as the cat and mouse dance with Xs and Os, wiggle with smiling snakes and try to outsmart a gang of dancing ladders. Along with tea-partying cats, energetic Dusteroos and a flock of fun-loving sheep, Toopy and Binoo “embark on their wackiest and most interactive adventure yet.”

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    1. 1:00 pm
      Toopy and Binoo Live: Fun and Games

      See for details.

      Location: Centennial Hall

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              Based on the books by Dominique Jolin

              Presented by Koba Entertainment

              Location: Centennial Hall