High School PlayWrights Cabaret 2015

  • A Second Chance by Malcolm Macgregor
  • Angel of the Righteous Man by Reva Ly
  • Bloody Mary, Quite Contrary by Éléonore Julien, Kaitlyn Lonnee, Kaitlyn Parker, Jamie Smith
  • Inner Demons by Emma Kelly-Maidment
  • You Never Can Tell by Jake Clark

For the fifth year in a row, The Grand Theatre invited London area playwrights in Grades 9-12 to submit 10-minute scripts for our cabaret of new plays. The selected scripts and playwrights are given developmental support in the weeks leading up to the event with emphasis on the process of re-writing and script development. Playwrights whose scripts are accepted take part in a few workshops, after which they will submit a revised version of their script. These budding playwrights might explore character, story, theme, style, or anything else that comes out of the workshop. In consultation with a dramaturge and director, the playwright will decide upon the next step for the script. Final drafts will be rehearsed and performed by a team of local actors giving voice to these brand new works.

The High School PlayWrights Cabaret offers an exceptional opportunity to receive mentoring and training in the working environment of a professional theatre.

The Grand Theatre continues to be committed to developing and encouraging local writers through dramaturgical feedback, workshops, seed grants and commissions.

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    1. 2:00 pm
      High School PlayWrights Cabaret 2015

      See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2015/01/high-school-playwrights-cabaret-2015/ for details.

      Location: McManus Stage

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              Location: McManus Stage