Purple Sex: Rhizome

In botany, the rhizome is the subterranean stem of a plant from which roots and shoots develop. When rhizomes are broken, each piece maintains the ability to grow and develop new plant life. As a philosophical concept, the “rhizome” refers to the multiplicity of interpretations, reducible neither to one or the multiple, without a beginning or end—stemming from a point of in-between.

Purple Sex, as a production and a shared experience, is centered on notions of sex and sexuality. Purple Sex also reveals how the sexual experience of individuals intersect with concepts of gender, race, class, oppression, liberation, love, courage, strength, and resilience. Purple Sex, as a rhizome, can act as a catalyst from which new considerations of sex and sexuality are inspired.

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              1. 9:45 pm
                Purple Sex: Rhizome

                See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2015/01/purple-sex-rhizome/ for details.

                Location: The Wave

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              Presented by VDay Western

              Location: The Wave