Diane Halpin and Ellen Secci

Diane Halpin loves to make her family stories come alive with Celtic drumming and audience participation. Since 1989, she has been telling stories and conducting workshops for schools, libraries, festivals, museums, conferences and nursing homes. Diane’s stories speak to your heart, sparking laughter and flights of discovery.

Ellen Secci is a lifelong educator, a published writer and a professional storyteller. She has performed, offered workshops, and keynote speeches as well as conducted retreats across the United States and in Canada for over 30ty years. Folktales, Fairytales, Legends, Myths and Spiritual tales from across the world are the stories Ellen tells. A student of world cultures, Ellen thoroughly researches her stories and the culture they originated from in order to “tell the story true”. She invites the listener to go to a place where the magic of the story resides and brings them on the adventure with her.

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          1. 7:00 pm
            Diane Halpin and Ellen Secci

            See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2016/11/diane-halpin-and-ellen-secci/ for details.

            Location: Rosewood Room

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