Talk and Gawk: E. B. Smith

E. B. is a storyteller, with over twenty years of experience as a director, performer, creator, and producer in the worlds of theatre, print, film, television, and voice-over. Beyond the curtain, he has facilitated the telling of stories as a sound designer, scene shop foreman, stage hand, carpenter and welder. His goal, regardless of the role in the telling of the story, is to empower as diverse a selection of voices as possible. As an artist, particularly an artist of colour, he is particularly cognizant of the power of experiencing one’s own history and world view manifest on stage as well as furthering connections to the stories of others. It is his ongoing mission, therefore, to facilitate the cultivation and cooperation of artists from every cross section of our society, and across artistic styles and traditions. He is thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with you here at Talk and Gawk.

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          1. 6:00 pm
            Talk and Gawk: E. B. Smith

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            Location: TAP Centre for Creativity