1 thought on “I Am From Planet Earth”

  1. Peter Janes

    Featuring dance, drama, and comedy, and entirely performed in Arabic, this may have been the most energetic performance of the Fringe (Martin Dockery notwithstanding). As a non-speaker, I didn’t get a word of what the youth performers were saying, but it was clear that they’re well-spoken—with better stage voices than some who have graced the huge Palace auditorium—and their scenes, documented in English in the program, hit home with the audience. I want to make special note of the young woman playing a much older one, whose emotional speeches came across despite my language barrier, and the main group of twelve male dancers who, given the chance, could hold their own with some of the dedicated dance troupes that have been in the Fringe over the last few years.

    There’s a definite European/North American bent to the Fringe—not just London’s, not just the performers, and not just this year. As an inclusive, open, artistically-based forum to share ideas, beliefs, and stories with audiences, the Fringe stage is an ideal place for anyone from anywhere across Planet Earth. One hopes they’ll come.


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