Paperclips – the Musical

When Mrs. Flemington took part-time, minimum-wage work at a big box office supply store, she had no idea she would be there 8 years later — still looking for her career job and searching for meaning. Paperclips will leave your foot tappin’, your funny bone shakin’ and your heart-strings plucked.

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    1. 5:45 pm
      Paperclips – the Musical

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      Location: Procunier Hall

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        Paperclips – the Musical

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        Location: Procunier Hall

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        Paperclips – the Musical

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        Location: Procunier Hall

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          1. 6:45 pm
            Paperclips – the Musical

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            Location: Procunier Hall

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            Paperclips – the Musical

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            Location: Procunier Hall

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              Paperclips – the Musical

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              Location: Procunier Hall


          Location: Procunier Hall


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          10 thoughts on “Paperclips – the Musical”

          1. Shelley carr

            Paperclips is a one woman show about an eight year span in the world of big box office supplies. Our heroine tells the stories of copy land: interesting customers, fun co-workers and the jobs that they did through musical numbers.
            The content was strong and the stories told were compelling. But there was a sense that perhaps someone else should have been the actor. The songs were sung off key at times and some sections did not sync up well. Musically some better production was needed with appropriate music in the background.More technical effects could have enhanced this production.
            This was the first night of this production and so you expect that some things will not go smoothly that night.
            This play however does need some more practice and “tightening” of its scenes in order to be effective.
            To sum up, nice to see a local first time production at Fringe but more preparation would have made this a better play.


          2. Skylar Franke says:

            This play was well written, roganized and performed. The actress pulls on real life stories to tell the tale of her time at a part time retail gig, and if you’ve ever worked in retail you’ll identify with a lot of this play.

            The stories and songs left the audience in hysterics at many parts, and Louise did an excellent job of playing to her audience. It is definitely a worthy show to see, especially if you are looking for comedy.

          3. wendy goldsmith says:

            In my opinion, there was no better way to kick off my Fringe experience than with this heartwarming, endearing, thought provoking and often hilarious one woman play, that tells the stories of life in big box retail. Louise navigates us through humour to gut wrenching sadness with her mischievous smiles, boldly honest tales, and all original songs, bravely sung without any musical accompaniment. Her play reminds us of our humanity, our human failings and the fragility of it all. And she reminds us that laughter is indeed one of the best medicines. Bravo, Louise Flemmington and Producer Heather Dundas!

          4. Lisa Widdifield says:

            I loved Paperclips the Musical!
            The highs and lows of life played within a big box retail store. Mostly very funny but some poignant moments as well. Live the original songs. I applaud your bravery and talent.

          5. Ann Monty says:

            I absolutely had fun at Paperclips the Musical. I think it holds a special place for those that work in retail, but there was lots of material there for those of us who haven’t. The audience laughed and smirked as some of Ms. Hollingsworth’s insights obviously landed close to home. Ms. Hollingsworth is a natural storyteller and her pearls of wisdom and whimsy segued seamlessly into original songs, performed in styles from burlesque to country. Fringe Festivals, by their very nature often offer an opportunity for first time productions to workshop their piece and re-act and respond to audience feedback. Paperclips the Musical may do with a little re-finement, but it easily ‘Stands on it’s own Two Feet’, to quote a line from one of it’s songs. I would certainly see thsi show again.

          6. Michael Levine says:

            Paperclips takes the audience on the personal journey of Louise as retail foot soldier in a big box office supply chain store.

            The script is less about the work but more about the people- customers and fellow employees – the relationships and the wisdom learned from daily interactions with the customers.

            Louise successfully connects with the audience – her stories and songs resonate as the universality of her messages wrapped in humour make for an enjoyable 45 minutes.

          7. Sharon Zikman says:

            Paperclips – The Musical is a delightful debut work from local playwright and performer Louise Flemington . Louise firmly plants two feet on the ground in her confident performance .

            Her timing and capacity to engage with the audience coupled with the intimate performance space make for an easy connection with the audience . Her creative set and props , including a musical Paperclip add to the experience .

            Numbers like ” Goddess of the Copy Land ” which includes audience engagement are memorable . A must see !

          8. Ken Gilbert says:

            Fun, funny, personal and poignant. Well worth the time to check it out.

          9. Mercedes says:

            For anyone who has worked retail, this play is for you! A one woman show that is truly entertaining, and will have you laughing and maybe bring a tear or two. Wonderful show!

          10. Suzie Hagan says:

            So absolutely charmingly and actually very poignant. Louise is engaging, fearless and funny. What an amazing first musical! Looking forward to more!

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