The 2017 Fringe Awards


The TiLee Awards were announced at the Palace Theatre on Thursday evening, along with a host of 5- and 10-year volunteer recognitions. Award recipients took home Walter Sayers-designed baseball caps similar to the well-worn one pictured here.

Theatre in’s team of volunteer reviewers chose winners in six categories:

Outstanding Show
The Morning After the Life Before
Outstanding Solo Performance
Fool Muun Komming!
Outstanding Cast Performance
Conversations Never Had
Fringiest Show
The Merkin Sisters
Outstanding Technical Achievement
Fish Saw
Outstanding Ballyhoo

The Favourite Visual Fringe artist, chosen by Fringe patrons, was presented to Vanessa Vanderidder by Associate Producer Christine Gruenbauer. Gruenbauer and board member Chris Bennett also presented the volunteer awards.

Executive Producer Kathy Navackas presented the Impresario awards, for highest ticket sales at each venue, to Irena Sendler: Rescuing the Rescuers, Forget Me Not, Bella Culpa, Jon Bennett: My Dad’s Deaths, Riding Hood, and Paperclips — The Musical. Navackas also presented several awards based on her own observations and experiences:

Award of Merit
Jon Paterson
Producer’s Pick
Jon Bennett (My Dad’s Deaths)
Spirit of the Fringe
Keith Brown (Hotter than Potter)

Theatre in London editor Peter Janes summed up the TiLee presentations by thanking the assembled artists and audience members: “The fact that any of you got up on stage, or wrote, or directed, or did anything in this festival makes you amazing, and we all thank you for it.”