Workshop: The Artist’s Guide to Mental Health with Rob Gee

Themes include the connection between the arts and mental health, the therapeutic uses of creative activity, a breakdown of common psychiatric conditions and their symptoms, reducing effects of labelling and stigmatisation, ethical issues and the responsibilities of a therapeutic relationship, user empowerment and social inclusion, and how to create a successful show about difficult subjects.

Rob Gee worked for twelve years as a registered nurse in psychiatric units around the UK and Australia. Specialising in acute psychiatry, he has also worked in child and adolescent units, drug and alcohol services, eating disorder services, dementia settings, early psychosis intervention and psychiatric intensive care.

Now a comic and poet, Rob has clocked up over 3000 performances, 65 Fringe festivals and won 19 awards for his solo shows, as well as several poetry slams. He’s lead artist for the award winning BrightSparks Comedy Asylum (comedy shows created and performed with mental health service users) and regularly leads workshops in comedy and poetry in psychiatric settings around the UK.

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                  Workshop: The Artist’s Guide to Mental Health with Rob Gee

                  See for details.

                  Location: TAP Centre for Creativity

              1 thought on “Workshop: The Artist’s Guide to Mental Health with Rob Gee”

              1. Marion Johnson

                This show was BRILLIANT!! hilarious farce combined with detailed and compassionate observation on the world of human mental decay.

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