Infinite Sequels

The Poet is reflective and wants to share. The Violin and the tender persuasion of a Macallan 18 urge the words forward. Love, retribution, forgiveness, anguish, sorrow, gratitude…..The Poet reviews a life lived, casting his frail beam of illumination on the joyous, too often pitted landscape of human experience.

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            Infinite Sequels

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            Location: McManus Stage

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              Infinite Sequels

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              Location: McManus Stage

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              Infinite Sequels

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                Infinite Sequels

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                      Infinite Sequels

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                      Infinite Sequels

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                      Location: McManus Stage

                  Location: McManus Stage

                  32 thoughts on “Infinite Sequels”

                  1. Barry Brown

                    In “Infinite Sequels”, David Stones (The Poet) gives a dramatic reading/recitation of poetry to the accompaniment of recorded music and the beautiful violin playing of Joe Lanza. Stones has created a dramatic setting for the poetry which provides some narrative structure but the essence of the show is the poetry itself. The precise meaning of the words is not always clear but the overall effect- along with the haunting strains of Lanza’s violin- is often very moving. Sometimes imprecision can yield emotional significance.

                    Stones’ rendition is clear and forceful, often with echoes of Leonard Cohen in his phrasing and rhythm. At times the words themselves will remind you of Cohen: “They’re going to find that black box in our wreckage and let us know what failed.”

                    Like Cohen, Stones is at his best when talking about the inevitable losses, disappointments and regrets that shape our personal narrative. But it’s not the failures that haunt these poems but the possibilities that are no more: “I almost got started, I almost began.”

                    At one point Stones tells us (through his poetry- there is no other dialogue but that between the poems and the music) that “poems are like nails we drive through truth to expose the stains”. Here and elsewhere in the show Stones seems to insist that the important truths cannot be reduced to factual observations about the world around us. Instead, they lie behind or beyond those facts and, frustratingly, just beyond our grasp.

                    1. David Stones says:

                      “The true poem rests between the words.”…..,

                  2. Annamarie Murray says:

                    Not knowing what to expect when we went to see Infinite Sequels, we were thrilled to be totally engaged from the very beginning! It was an amazingly intimate experience to have David speak to us in “poetry” with the musical accompaniment woven throughout. Our hearts were made to wonder at the truths in our lives and what our “black box” may reveal at the end of our life’s journey. An hour very well spent. Thank you David!

                  3. Jeannie McLeod says:

                    Joe Belanger of London Free Press heralds Infinite Sequels as “a brilliant, beautiful piece of theatre”. Boy, does he have that right! David Stones as The Poet and Joe Lanza as the Violin are magic together. Loved it! The writing, production and performance – all by Stones – are riveting, thought-provoking and hugely entertaining. A unique theatre experience – not to be missed!

                  4. Ken and Peg McLeod says:

                    We watched in awe as David performed. He held the audience and gave a very thought-provoking performance. With the music and violin playing we were totally captivated by the whole performance. We would recommend this hour of artistry to everyone. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and talent with us David.

                  5. Eleanor Kane says:

                    An excellent hour in the company of poet David Stones and violinist Joe Lanza, captivating. It is one “not inconsequential” thing to write poetry but David takes this into a new realm of performance artistry, the words, music and staging all carefully arranged. Thank you for a beautiful hour of reflection, laughter, wonder.

                  6. Laurie Bursch

                    Infinite Sequels: Sex and Violins

                    … and love and longing, sadness and passion. David Stones, the Poet (and the poet – he is both the writer and the performer of this work), shares his thought-provoking words in this powerful show. He is accompanied in more than the usual sense of the word by violinist Joseph Lanza, who joins Stones with music, and gentle physical and facial gestures.

                    One of the many joys of the Fringe is finding a show that you won’t have seen before. At its core, this show is a poetry reading with music, and a few props. But the two talented men elevate the simple concept, giving us a virtuoso performance; the sum is far greater than the already impressive parts.

                    Stones’ says, “I was almost something.” His show is very definitely something, a moving and memorable experience.

                    1. David Stones says:

                      Thank you so much, Laurie, for sharing your kind words and generous perspective of my work. It is a joy and a privilege to present my poetry to people who appreciate the power of language and its role in helping us understand and negotiate this curious labarynth that is life’s journey. And Joe Lanza is a gem. With him by my side I’m sure I could pretty well churn out a volume a day. Enjoy the rest of The Fringe….

                  7. Kelly Scott says:

                    My husband and I are not frequent theatre-goers, nor do we read/listen much to poetry. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The violinist provided very effective punctuation to the poetry, and David Stones’ performance made the poetry accessible and real. The poet and the violist are both extremely talented.

                  8. Steve and Anne Marie Nicholson says:

                    A well executed performance by the poet David Stones and his violinist Joe Lanza,
                    We enjoyed the reality of the chosen words and the smooth but sharply mixed tones. A must see .

                  9. Joyce Barretto says:

                    Stunning performance by the poet and lovely mix of recorded music and live performance. The spoken word as delivered by David Stones takes poetry to a new level of understanding, with a timbre that keeps the listener attentive and engaged – the hour passed too quickly…great poster and one wonders where to buy the poets work?

                    1. David Stones says:

                      Thank you, Joyce, for your kind words. The Violin (Joe Lanza) and I are having a blast presenting our art to our audiences. And to each face transfixed and so moored in the moment of my words is, I think, a real gift that I will always treasure. You ask about how to access my work. Well, the book that started it all is still available tbrough Amazon with a simple Google of “Infinite Sequels Amazon” or through online Indigo and Chapters. My second book, “Such A Frail Book Of Endings” awaits publication. Meanwhile I’ll just follow The Violin around. When he plays, I write. And I write, he plays…..

                  10. Mary Lou says:

                    Captivating …..
                    Refreshing ……
                    Thought provoking …….
                    A very enjoyable performance David Stones and The Violin – Joe Lanza. Well done

                  11. Alan Goouch says:

                    A powerful performance by David Stones. Poetry is a schoolboy memory for me, that left a negative memory of words that had no meaning to me.
                    David has opened Pandora’s box for me.
                    The mixture of superb descriptions the most simple thought or thing taking a shape and easily understood.
                    His words became movements and vocal descriptions that for me made this a visual understanding of the emotional pain that was forcing his body to shape the meaning of his pain and anguish.
                    I cannot wait for his new work.
                    The musician was absolutely marvelous.
                    He moved and played as though he was the poets shadow. Well done David Stones and Joe Lanza. Thank you, Alan Goouch.

                    1. David Stones says:

                      Thank you Alan Goouch…. One objective of my show is to lift the poetry off the page for people, to instil and communicate with each word, each gesture, each note. My poetry is as much spoken art as written. I’m deeply pleased that you found hot points of meaning and resonation in my words. Joe Lanza and I thank you for attending and for your generous perspective of our art.

                    2. Lynn says:

                      David Stones “The Poet” and the violin player Joe Lanza were so engaging. It was a very powerful performance. I recommend it highly!

                  12. David Forrester says:

                    You won’t believe this is poetry; it’s way too exciting, musical, and down right entertaining… edge of the seat stuff start to finish. 5 stars

                  13. Neil says:

                    The spirit & mystique of Leonard Cohen are alive & flourishing in the poet David Stones. Of love, of sex, of humour, of the unanswerable life questions does David continue to ponder (but not pander to) Cohen’s timeles abilities with words. Powerful stuff. A tight, tough, riviting hour of splendid, original entertainment masterfully staged by Stones & beautifully embellished by Joe Lanza. Hallelujah!

                  14. Gail Tolley says:

                    I had an amazing experience tonight. I had the opportunity – rare in the modern world – of spenidng an hour in the company of “The Poet”, a man who loves words and knows how to use them. If you care about the subtlety, delicacy, mutability and power of words, this is a MUST SEE show. There were moments when I simply closed my eyes and let the images conjured by David Stones have free reign in my mind. Attend this show and you will see words, thoughts and images differently than you have before. I guarantee it. What a delightful hour!

                  15. Daniela Zucchet says:

                    What a show!
                    For one too short hour I was totally transfixed by the power and passion of the poet’s words, his artful performance and the complementary soulful sounds of The Violin. This show is not just for lovers of poetry, it’s
                    for anybody who has lived, loved, lost, wondered……

                  16. Mark Yakabuski says:

                    Finding just the perfect word or phrase is what gives poetry its meaning and David has an infinite way with words. You’ll be mesmerized for an hour as he finds meaning in his life and in our’s. Bravo David!

                  17. Murray Cardiff says:

                    Whether you are moderately inclined to enjoy poetry or you are a hard core lover, this is a show well worth taking in. David Stones is an engaging performer who does more than read his poetry. He breathes life into it. He draws you into the sadness and joy of each poem with a passion that is impossible to ignore. Enhanced by the wonderfully subtle violin playing of Joe Lanza the two weave you through an hour that is not only thoroughly entertaining but simply enchanting. Highly reccommended.

                  18. Ron Hikel says:

                    The human voice , combined with expressive poetry, are a magic combination. David Stones brought them together with passion Both his voice and the violin were two strands of music, intertwined to great effect. I first became a Fringe fan many years ago in Edmonton. Am delighted two see the Fringe and Stones together. Lets hope it is a long relationship.

                  19. Jessica Leney says:

                    An amazingly intimate and honest portrayal of a poet’s struggle to understand the human experience. David’s passion for music and the spoken word were evident in this hour-long glimpse into the world of “almost.”

                  20. Grant Hopcroft says:

                    David and Joe are a fabulous team for this show. The poetry is spellbinding, and is greatly enriched by the musical accompaniment. An hour very, very well spent.

                  21. Eeva Stierwalt says:

                    “Infinite Sequels” is EXCEPTIONAL in all categories and is ART at its finest! It is rare to leave a performance and to feel like you are floating, and to feel emotion just under the surface waiting to bubble up, and to want time to just think about it all, to recapture the images created by the word, to reflect on the messages, to not want it to end — that is true ART! It is one of the most moving performances I’ve attended in years. I laughed, I cried, I heard, I saw, I empathized and I reflected. I am still reflecting today on the depth, the truth and the inspiration of such powerful and beautiful poetry that was presented with such great passion. David Stones, The Poet, painted vivid pictures for us with his words, his presence and his poetry. Joe Lanza, on violin, matched the mood, passion and message of the poetry like a true master. BRAVO to both!

                    1. David Stones says:

                      Thank you Eeva Stierwalt…I’m just guessing but I think you enjoyed the show…It’s such a pleasure to present my words. Thank you for listening. Thank you for attending,
                      They are not words, are not language, until they are heard…..thank you Eeva Stierwalt.

                  22. Ross & Kelly Danbrook says:

                    So thought provoking!
                    We were thrilled to attend lnfinite sequels, Saturday evening.
                    The violin accompaniment and music is superb.
                    David is truly amazing .

                    We are also enjoying David’s book. Buy tickets before it’s over!

                  23. Lily says:

                    David’s performance came from his heart and soul. His use of words was sometimes subtle, sometimes not so much. Joe’s violin accompaniment added another dimension to the experience. Thank you for the images you created.

                  24. Karan says:

                    Do not miss this absolutely beautiful piece of art. Some of the imagery was so beautiful and thought-provoking I just wanted to live in it’s Grace a little while longer. I wass thrilled to discover,on his website, that I could purchase David’s poems from Infinite Sequels from Indigo. It’s already on its way and I plan to spend more time in that imagery this summer while I am up at the cottage. The combination of the music, the words and the performance was absolutely spellbinding. If it was also offered as a recording I would definitely purchase it just to listen to it again. Bravo.

                    1. David Stones says:

                      Hi Karan:….First, is this a Karan I know or not?….let me know if you can, via Apart from that, Karan, Thx so much for the splendid review…. Words like that make it all seem worth while. FYI in addition to the book which you’ve now ordered (about half of the show poems are in that volume) my final show on Saturday is being videoed. I intend to market that, depending on video and audio quality, but would be pleased to provide you with a comp’d copy as a thank you for your generous perceptions of my art….. Just reply to the URL above, and thx again for your encouragement and support….. D.S.

                  25. Brilliantly written and performed, and that’s putting it mildly. David Stones’ abilities as a poet, speaker, and performer shine through in a way that’s almost blinding. Joe Lanza on violin couldn’t have been more perfect to accompany the unforgettable story I was being told as I sat in my seat, hanging on every word. I’m a poet and performer myself, so I can recognize and appreciate top-tier work. Infinite Sequels is unquestionably one of the best poetry performances I have seen. Period. Never once did I feel like I was “just watching a guy recite poems.” The experience was immersive, visceral, genuine; the audience felt like we were being spoken TO, and not spoken AT. I could go on but I won’t. Please go see this if you still have a chance.
                    Phenomenal work. Just one more reason why David Stones is someone I look up to as a Poet.

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