The 2018 Fringe Awards


On Wednesday evening, the annual TiLee Awards were announced from the stage of the Palace Theatre. The TiLees recognize a number of artists who participate in the London Fringe Festival, and are chosen by Theatre in’s team of volunteer reviewers, public vote, and Fringe Executive Producer Kathy Navackas.

To start the ceremony, festival associate producer Christine Gruenbauer presented the award for Favourite Visual Fringe Artist (chosen by Fringe patrons) to Lawrence Addison.

Theatre in editor Peter Janes then presented the eight awards chosen by the review team, who collectively saw and reviewed every show, nominated many for category shortlists, and then saw and voted for every show in the lists. The awards went to:

Outstanding Show
Police Cops
Outstanding Solo Performance
Jon Paterson in House
Outstanding Cast Performance
Patrick Hamilton, Brett Molik, and Daniel Newsom in Before the Fall
Outstanding Storytelling
How I Learned To Hug
Outstanding Variety
The Awesome ’80s Prom
Outstanding Comedy
Police Cops
Outstanding Drama
Before the Fall
Fringiest Show
Beaver Dreams

Finally, Fringe Executive Producer Kathy Navackas presented several awards based on her own observations and experiences:

Most Elegant Show
Para Dos
Award of Merit
Mike Delamont
Spirit of the Fringe
Cory Thibert and Linnea Gwiazda
Producer’s Pick
Eric Davis

The awards were followed by a fun “spoof night”, in which Fringe performers parodied each other’s shows.

Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to all of the performers, behind-the-scenes participants, and audience members who have made the 19th London Fringe Festival a success.