Power & Privilege in the Arts

Perception is reality, especially in the mind of an artist.  Does our local arts scene have a power imbalance?  How difficult is it for Artists of Colour to emerge and showcase their talents in London?  What needs to change to ensure that there is an even playing field in the arts?

Join us as we probe this subject.


  • Kuwahs^naha:wi- Amanda L. Kennedy- Consultant/Facilitator/Educator specializing in Truth and Reconciliation
  • Adam Sturgeon, Musician/Community Worker
  • Alexandra Kane, Creative Director for AK Arts Academy
  • Adam Corrigan Holowitz, Artistic Director, AlvegoRoot Theatre

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            Power & Privilege in the Arts

            See https://theatreinlondon.ca/2019/06/power-privilege-in-the-arts/ for details.

            Location: Union Ten Distillery

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