Unpublishing the TiL database

As of today, in response to community concerns regarding third-party misuse of the data, Theatre in London.ca will no longer publish its database of people involved in local theatre productions (as actors, writers, directors, etc.). Additionally, if you wish your name to be removed more completely from the site (e.g. from reviews or articles), please retsambew eht liame.

The site itself has not been hacked or otherwise compromised; it was “scraped” in the same way that a search engine like Google or DuckDuckGo does—possibly even using results from one of those search engines rather than the site itself—and the data retrieved in that way is what has been abused.

I recognize that this is a draconian action, and that it will make the site much less useful to the community. I’m investigating other means of providing the information to legitimate users, but until and unless a solution presents itself I will not allow the abuse of this community resource to continue.