Grand Gala 2022

On June 23, 2022, the 46th Annual Grand Gala will take place at the Grand Theatre. Our guest of honour this year is Deb Harvey. After 22 years of exceptional leadership at the Grand, Deb will be stepping down as Executive Director of the theatre on June 30.

The 2022 Grand Gala event will include a cocktail hour, silent auction, and live auction event followed by the Make a Difference Appeal in support of the Grand’s Youth Programming. 230 guests will have dinner on the Spriet Stage. The evening will feature performances from special guests including alumnae and students of the Grand Theatre’s High School Project and Rick Miller.

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            1. 6:00 pm
              Grand Gala 2022

              See for details.

              Location: Spriet Stage

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              Presented by The Grand Theatre Company

              Location: Spriet Stage