The Vagina Monologues

This adaptation was made by HWN to commemorate the 10th anniversary. The play is based in the original written in 1996 by Eve Ensler.

The play explores life experiences from women from diverse ages, education, sexualities among others differences; in their relation with her sexuality, body image, and perspective of life.

During the scenes the public get entertain, passing from the drama to the L humour in a very brilliant way.
The original play and diverse adaptations have been presented with enormous success in Broadway, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico among others cities. HWN’s adaptation is acomplished the second season during this year and is presented in Spanish.

Buying a ticket you support the program “Mujeres sin Fronteras” that help entrepreneurs single mother from Latin-America.

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              1. 7:30 pm
                The Vagina Monologues

                See for details.

                Location: Aeolian Hall

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              Presented by Hispanic Women's Network

              Location: Aeolian Hall