152 Happy Days by Greg Mate

James Tot

📣 We are creating something special and we want you to be part of it! 📣
As part of a series of digital content, which will be announced soon, AlvegoRoot Theatre is creating a community audio collage that gives voice to the words of our late dear friend and ensemble member Greg Mate. During the last 152 days of Greg’s life he posted on Facebook each day something that made his days a happy day. His happy day posts became well-loved by his friends and document these days with beauty and honesty. This piece was originally performed live in 2015 at Nuit Blanche. During our current times Greg’s posts take on a special resonance and give insight in how to find joy amidst difficulty.
To do this we are going to need lots of people to participate!
We are looking for up to 152 people to record themselves reading one or more of Greg’s post that we will assign to them. These recordings will then be edited together to form an audio collage. All are welcome to participate, including friends of Greg as well as members of the community who did not personally know Greg. To be part of this recording you do not need to be an actor (actors are welcome as well).
If you are interested please email Adam Corrigan Holowitz at adamcorriganholowitz@gmail.com expressing your interest in participating.
In your email let us know if you would prefer a short, medium or long post to read, or if you do not have a preference (we will do our best to accommodate).
Once you receive your post we will need you to:
1) Record yourself reading your post and email it to us either as a MP3 or Wav file. Record indoors, away from background noise. You can record on your phone, computer or an external microphone. Having access to high quality recording equipment is not a requirement.
2) You will receive a release form for your participation. Please sign it and send it to us (you can take a picture of it or scan it) along with your recording.
We look forward to having you join with us to create something very special!

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