24-hour Rush

Jeff Culbert

Good night of hastily-assembled theatre for The Arts Project at the Wolf. The biggest surprise for me was that, for the most part, the pieces looked pretty polished. When we first tried this 24-hour idea, in the McManus, the performances were all about when the next screw-up would come. People in the audience were hanging on the edge of their seats, and the atmosphere was charged with anticipation.

This time around, the atmosphere was good and appreciative, but not nearly so electric. Ironically, that’s probably because the plays were more accomplished and completed.

Did anyone else notice that?

Peter Janes

I wasn’t at the Grand’s Rush, but heard similar stories about its “feel” from others on the weekend. It’s not like there wasn’t as much at stake this time around, and as this was only the second attempt at it in almost ten years I can’t see that it would have been that much more familiar. (But that does make me wonder, how many people who were in TAP’s Rush were also in the Grand one?) Was there more of a collective familiarity between the writers, directors, performers and audience this time around?
Still, this one had its share of “moments”, and that familiarity contributed to at least one of them: I’m not sure I’ve ever heard as many breaths being inhaled at once as in “that scene” between Nick and Meaghan in Firday the 13th! 🙂

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