A.V.S.S Presents "The Curious Savage"


Arthur Voaden Secondary School is putting on a production of The Curious Savage.

The Curious Savage is a 50's piece that tells the story of Mrs. Ethel P. Savage, an elderly, clever, and witty widower who is sent to an insitution by her greedy but none too bright step-children in order to claim a hefty inheritance. Within the walls of the institution, Mrs. Savage meets and aquaints herself with the other guests: Fairy May, an people-pleasing, attention seeking young woman with a heart of gold. Jeffery Meredith, a fighter pilot in World War II who's plane was shot down and lost his entire crew in the process. Hannibal, a mathmatician who's government job had him replaced with an electronic calculator. Florence, the mother-hen of the group who carries around a doll, believing it's her son. and Mrs. Paddy, a bitter, hateful artist. Mrs. Savage also meets Miss Willie and Doctor Emmett, the workers in the insitution.

The play is a light-hearted comedy with some emotionally overwhelming undetones. It makes use of the individual characters and their own stories, as well as the parallels between the guests and Mrs. Savage's stepchildren to paint a wholly compelling picture.

The show runs on May 5th and 6th 2011 at 7pm. Arthur Voaden is located in St. Thomas, Ontario at 41 Flora St.

$5.00 – Students

$7.00 – Adults

Mrs. Savage – Tamara Gordon

Miss Willie – Kelsey Fendley

Doctor Emmett – Claire Larson

Fairy May – Estee Ranson

Hannibal – Kathleen Carpenter

Jeff – Derek Johnson

Mrs. Paddy – Emma Foster

Florence – Katie Easton

Margaret – Beth Brandeau

Lily Belle – Jade Yenlin

Susan – Sarah Yenlin

Directed by Kristen Thomas.

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