ACTORS NEEDED: Black Comedy Student Film


My name is Gareth Ross and I’m a student in Fanshawe College’s Advanced Filmmaking Program. I’m looking for actors for my upcoming narrative short film project “The Stone Screen.” The film is a satire of the film industry that follows three caveman friends who discover shadow puppetry and make it a popular form of entertainment, but conflict arises as the shadow plays become more commercialized and one of the three friends becomes a sellout and greedy film mogul. It’s a black comedy with heart, dealing with the importance of friendship.

The roles being cast are as follows:

GROG: Male, 20s to 30s. Should be physically imposing and able to express a range of emotions such as joy, melancholy, smug pride and furious anger.
MAGOG: Male preferred but will accept Female. 20s to 30s. Assertive and passive-aggressive when challenged, but fiercely loyal and a nurturing brother figure toward his friends.
TROG: Male, 20s. Meek and unassuming.
HOST: Female preferred but will accept Male. Glamorous and charismatic, able to captivate a crowd with big speeches.

We will be filming in the studio at Fanshawe College in London (1001 Fanshawe College Boulevard London, ON, Canada, N5Y 5R6) from Monday March 9 to Wednesday March 11.

Let me know ASAP if you’re interested in auditioning and will be available for the shoot, and I can send you the sides for the audition and hopefully answer any questions you may have.
You can reach me at

Thank you!
Gareth Ross

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