Actors Needed For Dramatic Short Film for Fanshawe TV!



Hello we are Television Broadcasting students from Fanshawe College looking for actors to part take in a serious drama film. This is a very serious topic that we would like to give attention. We need strong, professional, comfortable actors who are willing to take risks. This is for a school project so we unfortunately cannot pay anyone but we are happy to give reference letters and its fantastic for your demo reel! We plan on filming in February. Here is a little description of what the film entails:

Hello, Goodbye is a dramatic and suspenseful thriller that deals with mature subject matter that does not get very much coverage in everyday society. Suicide and sexuality are two of our main themes that the film follows very closely. We chose these themes because we would like to shed more light on a serious subject that does not get brought up very often, especially in a school environment. From what we have been able to see on FanshaweTV there are not many films that truly deal with something that people are not willing to discuss. Homosexuality and suicide can be both very touchy subjects and we are aware of the difficulties that are presented with this. We want to stay true to the subject matter as possible without stereotyping and offending anyone.

The film is centered on two young males (Alex and Taylor) who meet each other within a high school setting. Taylor has been struggling with his work and has been assigned a tutor to help out with his grade 12 English. Over the course of the film the two become very close to one another and a relationship ensues. There are varying complications between Alex and Taylor as the film progresses, which ultimately leads to a crucial event separating the two. The basis of the film is how the two balance their secret romantic relationship while dealing with the social challenges that accompany being gay.

Auditions will be held :
Thursday January 22 from 6pm -8pm at Fanshawe College in M Building Rm 1041 and Monday January 26 from 1pm -3pm at Fanshawe College in M Building in Rm 1041

Please email for an audition spot

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