ACTORS NEEDED: Short Drama-Comedy (Dramady?) Student Film!! :)

Aliya Haggis

Hey there! 🙂
My name is Aliya and I’m in search of a few roles for a comedy-drama student film! The short synopsis is that this is a film about two high school girls who stumble upon the body of a girl they go to school with who they think passed out from drinking too much, but actually is dead. The girls flee the scene, which makes matters worse, and have to decide whether to turn themselves in or not.

Dates filming are officially March 2-4 2020, please contact for additional info! (contact info at bottom of posting)

Emma (FEMALE): 17/18 years old, high school student, quiet and reserved, Kayla’s best friend
Kayla (FEMALE): 17/18, high school student, obnoxious and rebellious, Emma’s best friend
Officer Douglas (MALE): Police officer, Late 20s, tired and unamused
Officer Patel (FEMALE): Police officer, Late 20s, unamused
Ralph (MALE): Late 20s, Store/Restaurant manager, Emma/Kayla’s boss
Irene (FEMALE): 16/17, high school student, stereotypically hungover, rebellious

Please if you’re interested contact me at or

Thank yoU!

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