Audition – And Then There Was One

Peter J. ( admin)

Written and Directed by Nick Catania

Ten guests are invited to a penthouse in Los Angeles from all over North America. Some of them know each other, and some of them don’t even know why they are there. They all arrive at the luxurious penthouse, bewildered at the fact that there is no host. After they begin to know each other, slowly.. one person dies.. and they all start dieing one after the other. One person is left…. And then there was one.

We are a new theatre group, and we are always looking for new actors and stage crew. For more information and audition details, visit or contact Nick Catania at

Here is the list of characters in the show:

Lilly Foselfut – A Chronic Club, night dancer, hoping to score a man. Very lightheaded Mid 20’s Early 30’s

Dr. Andrew Rosbun – A very smart intelligent man, lonely and stubborn. Late-Early 50’s

Patricia Bapen – The local florist, a very silent woman, in a bad relationship. Mid 30’s

Colt Hepbut – A Navy Commander. Very in charge and connected with Lilly Foselfut. Early 50’s

Amanda Dulchamber – Your Typical Housewife/Soccer Mom. Very confused why she is here. Early 40’s

Molina Chinkecky – Very Smart Woman. A lawyer, with an understanding of everything. Late 40’s

Dan Zousemburg – Works for the IBI (International Bureau of Investigation). Knows everything. Mid – Late 30’s

Mrs. Jarkins – A very stout, old widow. Lonely and very aggressive to her surroundings. Late 60’s Early 70’s

Tracy Mepol – Considered the guilty one. Very bad woman, and yet very innocent! Early 20’s

Robert Druce – A Comical Character, He is a businessman wanting to be a comedian Late 20’s

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