AUDITION CALL: Most Humourous & Tragic Tale of William Shakespeare’s Shakespeare


VENUE: 571 Wharncliffe Rd S. London ON (Lower unit)
Saturday, Nov 3rd and Sunday Nov 4th from 11 a.m. to 3pm
Actors of all backgrounds, abilities and experience levels are encouraged to audition. While walk-ins are welcome, we recommend you BOOK an audition time by emailing

From a bombastic youth, to the Bard of Avon, experience William Shakespeare’s life as filtered through the lens of the world’s greatest playwright, William Shakespeare! All events are true, but not all accurate. William Shakespeare has just closed the first production of Richard the third, but through unfortunate circumstances, meets the love of his life, Anne Hathaway, A woman of a most outrageous temper. William is determined to woo her, with help from his father, John Shakespeare and his friends Christopher Marlowe and Richard Burbage using his newest and most problematic play, “The Taming of the Shrew”, it certainly won’t be easy. But not is all as it seems… As bizarre circumstances follow William into his old age, the bard must seek redemption in the eyes of his children, Susanna, Judith and in the spirit of his departed son, Hamnet. From boisterous comedy, to most tragic tale, it’s Shakespeare as Shakespeare intended.

William Shakespeare – should be able to play a character 21 – 45 years old
Anne Hathaway – should be able to play a character between 21 – 35 years old
CHORUS – need 7 – 9 singers/background players (some have speaking roles)

Please prepare a short Shakespeare monologue of approx. one to two minutes. There may also be a cold reading from the script. Please bring a résumé of past theatrical and performance experience

REHEARSALS TO BEGIN WITH READING ON NOVEMBER 17 – 2 rehearsals per week to start, moving to three in January – currently considering Friday and Saturday. Confirmation of rehearsals and venue will be determined by the stage manager/cast at the first reading – date/time and venue of that reading will be communicated to the cast when selected. Rehearsals will be in London, Ontario. Please note a profit sharing honorarium will be paid to the cast and crew – to be discussed at initial meeting.
VENUE: McMANUS Studio – Grand Theatre, London
February 11th – tech and load in noon – 5pm
February 12th – Tech/cue to cue – please be prepared to be available noon to 9pm
Feb 13th – dress rehearsal 6pm – 10pm
February 14th – 17th – call at 6:30 pm – show at 8:00 pm
There are no matinees for this production.

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