Audition Notice – Theatre Nemesis presents AS YOU LIKE IT


Open Auditions on May 30th upstairs at TAP Centre for Creativity. The format is group interactive readings. Please email to book a 6pm, 7pm, or 8pm arrival time. The show opens September 5th and runs for two weeks.

Available Roles:

ROSALIND – stalwart young woman – spends most of the play disguised as Ganymede, an attractive young man.

CELIA – Rosalind’s cousin and confidante – spends most of the play disguised as Aliena, a country bumpkin.

TOUCHSTONE – Philosophical, oft lecherous clown of indeterminate age.

DUKE SENIOR – Rosalind’s father – banished to the forest of Arden by his brother Frederick – living a robust rural Robin Hood lifestyle.

DUKE FREDERICK – As close to the play comes to a villain. Usurper of his brother’s lands and title. Reforms and becomes a monk at the end.

JAQUES – Melancholic sadsack and deliverer of the play’s famous Seven Ages of Man speech.

ORLANDO – Young swain, effective wrestler, wooer of women’s hearts. Has been dealt with harshly by his older brother Oliver

OLIVER – Orlando’s older brother. Treats him pretty bad until the end of the play when he is saved from animal attack and develops a strong attraction to Celia.

CORIN – Aged shepherd and good old soul.

SILVIUS – Young shepherd tormented by love for Phoebe. She has no use for him at all.

PHOEBE – Spurns Silvius and takes a liking to the disguised Rosalind.

AUDREY – Simple country lass – object of Touchstone’s affections

AMIENS – Duke Senior’s bard – sings a lot.

ADAM – Orlando’s ancient servant – tires easily.

CHARLES THE WRESTLER – Bad ass prone to hubris

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