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Hey my name is Doug Stewart and I’m fairly new to filmmaking, I’ve done some acting here and there but film’s are a passion of mine. I’m actually writing and directing a low budget horror movie that I’m filming in September and October and looking for actors to play the lead female roles. This film is a homage to older horror movies, there are many references to other movies like Halloween, Scream, Psycho, etc, throughout the film. It’s basically about this neighbor that everyone in the neighborhood creates stories about and one day he just snaps and start killing off these teens one by one. I have some of the roles filled but still need some for the lead parts.

Here’s a little character description of each of the characters I still need to cast.

Emma Curtis- A 16-17 year old introvert, smart, quiet, a little shy, a goody two- shoes type, vulnerable but also when pushed shows she can take care of herself.

Casey Becks- 16 year old, she’s smart, funny, sassy, very outgoing, loves people, and is Emma’s best friend and a very good friend to her. she’s vulnerable but also fierce when she has to be.

Vanessa Gellar- 17 year old popular girl with red dyed hair. She very outgoing and outspoken, Kind of a mean girl type that likes to party, drink, do drugs and have sex and is one of Casey’s friends but hates Emma.

I’m having auditions soon via zoom but you can get more details about it if you email me at or leave a reply below 🙂 or if you have any questions feel free to ask.

For the auditions I’m asking people to prepare a 1-2 minute monologue of their choice from anything (Movie, T.V show, a play) and we’re going to be reading a scene from my script.
Looking forward to meeting you all and thanks again.

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