Auditions – Jan 26, 27 for Where the Blood Mixes – Palace Theatre

Bill Hill


is the native man in his mid-50s, who hangs around the bar, in his own purgatory, and drinks. A survivor of the residential schools, his pain has paralyzed him; he has lost the family he loved, his wife, Anna, and his child, and with them any self-respect or identity he had left. He is a friend of Mooch, with whom he has shared a tough past he refuses to discuss. He looks after Mooch as much as he can. He is bitter, full of guilt, loves to fish and hunt. He is upset when the play opens, as he has heard from is long-gone daughter and is afraid of what she will think of his worthless self.

a friend of Floyd, also a native in middle age, is the clown character, funny, but living with his own pain and shadows of the past. Like Floyd, he carries with him the guilt of Anna’s death, a further burden. He finds relief – perhaps – in drink. He uses the people who love him. He takes advantage of Florida and steals from June his wife. But he’s affectionate, a bear of a man. He suffers, remembers Anna, and the lurking sturgeon at the bottom of the river. He is often at the center of the bridge. By the end of the play he has found his self again: “My name is not Mooch,” and he lets us know of his inner strength: “I cross this bridge every day. “

strong and passionate partner of Mooch, is a middle-age native woman, a loving, mother figure. She has been able to overcome the pain caused by the residential school, and her subsequent alcoholism, and now she makes daily sacrifices to live with Mooch, supporting him. She loved Anna, and is delighted to see Christine, believing she brings them all a second chance at happiness. She is the voice of understanding and deep compassion, the uniting force in the play, effecting change. She comes into her true strength when she leaves Mooch.

is in her 20/30s, is the daughter of Floyd and Anna. She looks like her mother. Very young, she was sent to live with foster parents, who are good to her. She has had a very “happy life,” although she has had an emptiness inside her. She has a five-year-old child and has come back to find her father, and herself. She is good luck. Her strength lets her recognize and except the truth, and forgive Floyd, giving everyone that second chance.

Although not seen in the play, Anna is a central character. She is Floyd’s late wife and Christine’s mother.

is a non Native bartender at the local bar that Mooch and Floyd frequent

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