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Pappie J. Ozmand

Pappie J. Ozmand Presents

The Banshee’s New Wig

Pappie J. Ozmand’s debut musical The Banshee’s New Wig contains the charm of a Roald Dahl children’s novel combined with the quirk and wit of a late John Waters production.  Set in 1970s New York City, The Banshee’s New Wig is the story of Margo O’Brien, a sensitive banshee disguised as a long lost relative who finds herself in unmarked territory when she arrives at doorstep of the O’Reilly family.  In her new home surrounded by colourful, complex and animated characters, Margo learns how to walk, talk and flirt.  

The Banshee’s New Wig features no less than 15 original musical numbers, each in its own unique style.  This funny, fresh and heartwarming musical is ready to make its premiere at the 2009 Fringe Festival.  All it needs is you.


With over 20 characters, there is a role to fit everyone in The Banshee’s New Wig!  The roles listed below are divided into two categories: singing and non-singing.  Please keep in mind that technical singing skills are absolutely not required for most singing roles.  Each character is unique and distinct and we want their singing voices to reflect this.

Singing Roles:

Margo O’Brien: 25-30 years of age. A very interior character. She speaks with a uniquely high voice as she is a Banshee and also with an Irish accent because of her origins.  She is rather tall and thin.

Louis O’Reilly: 12-14. He is in love with fantasy television programs, especially super heroes. He suffers from a strong stutter/stammer, which in turn makes him unpopular at school. He loves to rock n’ roll.

Lisa O’Reilly: 5-7. Lisa is the youngest member of the O’Reilly clan. She is a little innocent doll without a care in the world. She is warm and accepting of others and becomes one of Margo’s best friends.

Virginia O’Reilly: 40-50. She is the mother of the family. She is a strong independent woman and us somewhat obsessive compulsive. She holds the same motherly compassion as Julie Walters but also has a harsh side and in a flash she becomes the antagonist.

Clifford O’Reilly: 40-55. Clifford is the father of the family. He is a cold disciplinarian. He has the same foul gravity as Alan Rickman. This is a minor singing role.

Grandfather O’Reilly: 60-70. He has the charm of an Irish gentleman and the spirit of an avid partier. He is the character that everyone adores. He is originally from Ireland so he speaks with an Irish accent.

Donna O’Reilly: 17-20. Donna is the oldest sibling. She is a typical New York girl. She adores boys, cosmetics and smoking.  She has a dream of being a beautician. She puts on a Brooklyn accent to go along with the crowd at her school. She is cold and malicious and lives without a single regret but transforms as she finally opens up about what’s going on in her life.

Aunt Gertrude: 45-60. Gertrude is a naggy lady. She is known for adorning hideous, white angora sweaters. She is comedic yet very selfish and cruel underneath. This part may involve some operatic singing.

Aunt Minnie: 35-60. Aunt Minnie, as her name hints, is shorter in height. Regardless, she is a beast of a lady. Cold and clinical, rude and malicious – the one thing in the world she lacks is a heart. This part may include some operatic singing.

Uncle Kong: 35+. Uncle Kong is a very plump man. He feels he has authority where he really doesn’t. He is grossly obsessed with material possessions and believes himself to be a classy gentleman.  In reality, he is just as rude as his wife Gertrude. This part may include some operatic singing.

Male Hairdresser: 20-30. A young, handsome, male hairdresser who works alongside Barbara at the beauty salon. This exciting role can be played in many different ways. There is some fun falsetto singing involved in one number. 

Non-Singing Roles:

Juelz: 20-30. Juelz is an Italian/Jewish New Yorker. He owns a hot dog stand. He is charming and has a way with the ladies, especially “them European ones”.  He has a thick Brooklyn accent.

Barbara: 35-50. Barbara is a makeup artist. She is hideously tanned (not that you can tell underneath all the makeup) and owns the best beauty shop in town. Her biggest fear is aging. She is a good friend of Donna’s and helps out with Margo’s new look.

SWAT Team Investigator: 30-50. He is a militaristic cop, suspected to be employed by the infamous Area 51.  He has a good build and is very intense. Ms. Darla: 25+.

Ms. Darla is Louis’s teacher. She is sweet but quite difficult to read. Her cheeks always ache at the end of the day from smiling so much.

Three Young Boys: 10-14. These boys are a part of the classroom scenes; have speaking parts in a Halloween scene, and are a part of the crowd in the final scene. Funny little characters, they are similar to the Little Rascals.

Brian: 17-19. Brian is Donna’s boyfriend. He is edgy and buff, yet uneasy at the same time.

Ursula: 60-70. Another banshee. She is soft-spoken and gentle in her ways and has been around a long time. She is the wise lady at the end of the tunnel, and has the last line in the play.

The G.G.: 60-70. The G.G. is the great grandmother. She does not say a word, but her facial expressions are nastier than anybody could ever imagine. She is the oldest living O’Reilly in the clan and is very proud of her well-lived years.


Open auditions will be held at the Old East Studios (located at 755 Dundas St.) on Friday, January 16th from 6-9 pm, and on Saturday, January 17th from noon-4 pm.  Please prepare a short monologue of your choice.  If you are auditioning for a singing role, also prepare a song to be performed a cappella (unless, of course, you want bring an accompanist). 

To book your audition now, please visit our casting website at or email

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