Can of Soup Collective: Casting Call


We are excited to announce that we are opening auditions for our two spring operas and holiday concert! All music will be memorized to a professional standard prior to the start of rehearsals as these are paid opportunities. You may audition for both Opera and Art Song. Roles are not gendered, please learn excerpts best suited to your voice.

March show: The Medium – Menotti

Performance with piano.

Roles available

  • Baba/Madame Flora (Contralto or Low Mezzo-Soprano)
  • Toby (tacet) *Please prepare a short monologue instead of an aria
  • Mrs. Gobineau (Soprano)
  • Mr. Gobineau (Baritone)
  • Mrs. Nolan (Mezzo-Soprano)

May show: Pandora’s Locker – Dean Burry (April 1st -May 14th Rehearsals Friday evening and Saturday afternoon)

Performance with chamber orchestra.

Summary – Pandora’s locker centers a high school student named Pandora and her friends. Pandora is given an envelope containing the name of her father. She grew up not knowing her father and is unsure of who he might be or what he might think of her. She is struggling with her identity and with bullying. Upon opening her locker, she delves into her inner thoughts and fears. The subject matter is mature, maneuvering topics common to teenagers such as identity crises, bullying, violence, and dating culture. The show is PG13 (no nudity or graphic violence). Dean Burry relates Pandora’s journey to the myth of Pandora’s box, the story of a girl who, because of curiosity, opens a container and releases physical and emotional curses upon mankind. All parts are featured heavily throughout the show – there are no traditional leads. In addition to performing, performers will be in a mentorship position with high school students. Full score available for preview on the Canadian Music Center website.

Roles available

  • Chorus with four section leads (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Tenor, Bass/Baritone): Chorus members will each have various solo sections and will play high school students, shopkeepers, waiters, jury members etc. (Tenor, please learn ‘thai man’ part as well in the Tenor excerpt)
  • Father/Janitor (Baritone – highest note is F natural above C): Begins the show as the janitor but is revealed to be Pandora’s father. Also plays Pandora’s father in her imaginary visions of who he might be.
  • Calli (Soprano): One of Pandora’s best friends. Comforting, believes in the best in Pandora. Student council member, into band.
  • Diana (Mezzo-Soprano): Pandora’s other best friend. Closer with Callie, upset with the way Pandora has been acting. Sporty, possibly queer.
  • Alex (Tenor/Pants role): Pandora’s boyfriend. Traditionally popular, has been with Pandora for a long time.

Audition requirements (Opera):

Round 1, due October 16th at 8pm– YouTube link to any aria composed after 1920 (English preferred but not required). Art songs are okay but not preferable. Email the video link, the name of the part you’re auditioning for and a copy of your artistic resume to

Round 2, announced October 18th, callbacks will be October 22nd and 24th – Excerpts for each part are available on the google drive. Please learn those available for your voice type in the event you’re called back for a part other than the one for which you auditioned.

Holiday Concert

This concert will be a paid engagement. Musicians will be given 8-10 minutes of music to learn and memorize. Pieces will be assigned in consultation with the artists by late-October. The theme of this concert is ‘Home’ and will include solo as well as small ensemble pieces.

Concert date: December 4th .

Audition requirements (Holiday Concert) – 1 art song of choice and a 30 second clip of why you chose your piece. Email a YouTube link and a copy of your artistic resume to

Due: October 10th at 8:00pm

Dates are tentative pending venue bookings.

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