Casting Call for FringeBinge Production


“Goddess in the Gallery”
— Casting Call!

Casting Call for “Goddess in the Gallery”! This production will run at the FringeBinge Festival at the Palace Theatre August 21-26 2023. (Specific production dates TBD.) “Goddess in the Gallery” is a one-hour drama-comedy with four available acting roles:

Two Single-Character Cast Opportunities

“Palmer” (Male, Age 40’s): Co-owner of a floundering art gallery. Painter, struggling with a creative crisis.

“Janet” (Female, Age 40’s): Co-owner of a floundering art gallery. Seeking to balance art and business, marriage and self-actualization.

Two Multi-Character Cast Opportunities

The other two roles are for actors who will play multiple characters. These two acting slots are particularly attractive because the variety of roles will allow the performers to showcase their versatility.

Multi-Role Actress (Roles Range 20’s-30’s): Art Historian Grad Student (20’s); Civil Liberties Lawyer (30’s); Mysterious Woman on Beach (30’s).

Multi-Role Actor (Roles Range 20’s-40’s): Computer Tech (20’s); OPP Officer (30s); Gun Rights Advocate (30’s); Tragic Artist (40’s).

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