CASTING CALL – Social Disobedeince


iFilmGroup & M & s Marshall Productions is looking for:

– A few more non-equity female actors, (all ethnic backgrounds) with an age range of 16yrs -35 yrs old
– Male and Female Background for two scenes. 16yrs to early 20’s. But are flexible on age. Must pass of high school students. Please send headshot or picture with submission. Acting experience is an asset but not required. Those people cast will receive an IMDb credit. Filming will take place in spring/summer 2021

Those actors cast will receive an IMDb credit. Filming will take place in Spring to Fall 2021

Most filming for this film will be done through social distancing and shot from home on cell phones, web-camera, and tablets. With a few scenes in person.

BLAIR – 16 to 19yrs (Inclusive to all genders and ethnic backgrounds) – Star crossed Lover. Blair is a relationship with Dove. But due to the quarantine, they are forced to be separated. Can the events keep these two apart or are the forces of their love to strong and will they be pulled together, for it to have dire and terrible consequences of breaking the quarantine.

ILANA – 16yrs to 25yrs – (Female) (Inclusive to all ethnic backgrounds) immigrant exchange student from another country who is a student affected by the quarantine. She can’t go home due to the lock down. Now is stuck here forced to isolate.

NURSE – 21yrs to 35 yrs – (Female) – (Inclusive to all ethnic backgrounds) – Nurse interacting with certain characters via phone and online. She is touched by the events related to the virus and what she is seeing in the hospital.

BAILEY – 16yrs to 21 yrs – (Female) – (Inclusive to all ethnic backgrounds) – High school student that is sick with a medical condition. She is on oxygen and home isolating. She and her family are afraid to go out for fears of Bailey catching the virus or something that will make her worst.

SOPHIA– 16yrs to 26 yrs – (Female) – (Waitress / Clerk ) – (inclusive to all ethnic backgrounds) Working the service industry during the quarantine and taking the abuse that is being dished out to customer service by the public.

EXTRA’S / BACKGROUND – 16ys to early 20’s to play high school students for two scenes

• Advise what role you are applying for in the subject line ( Character name or “extra/Background”
• Acting Resume
• Headshot
• Monologue of your own choice. Roughly 1 minute / 2 Minutes max.

The actor must provide a link (YouTube or Vimeo) or a video file of the Monologue. The monologue should have a slate with your name and the title of the monologue. .For those interested, send resume, headshot, and monologue to

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