Casting Call for Short Film

Matt Blain

Tristis is a short film that was created by a group of passionate and determined high school students. This is more than just a short film, as three experienced professionals have agreed to come on board as mentors to provide a hands-on learning experience for these students.

We are still seeking two roles to be filled. One is an extra role while the teacher has multiple lines.

Mr./Mrs. Randolph
Age range 35-55
Any ethnicity or gender.
Middle-aged, wise-looking teacher who wants to provide a proper education to his students, but he also cares about their well-being, including their attitude and behaviour.

Any ethnicity or gender.
Middle-aged, bald or short hair with a menacing look that is essentially a result of his unhappiness. There are rumors amongst the students that he has a criminal past, which he finds helps to keep the students away.

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