Children’s Theatre – Can it teach?


Hi…it’s been a long time since you posted this but I would be interested if you received any replies.

i once directed a youth company, and have directed theatre for youth audiences.  I’m not a frequent visitor to this site…maybe I should have been.

phil arnold


I am a student currently researching for my dissertation about whether theatre for young people/children benefits them in any way and I have a few questions to ask which would really help if I got some responses too.

Firstly, do you think children learn from going to visit the theatre ?

Do you think theatre should be about fun and play or education and learning?

Can theatre teach? For example everyday life skills?

Should children learn about current affairs when they go to the theatre? Not simply to go to the theatre just to see fairy tales played out?

Finally, has theatre changed since you were young?

If anyone who reads this has any comments or ideas on any of the above, even to a word or two would be enough as a reply. As I have written this to gain some knowledge about what others think theatre for children benefits? even if maybe you think it doesn’t?

I am highly excited to hear any comments you may have so please respond,

Many thanks

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