Clowning South Of TO Community of Practice

Wayne Greenway

What is Clowning South of TO

Clowning South of TO is a community of practice designed to share our interest in/ passion for authentic clowning — clowning from within — being playful – you at your most open, vulnerable, sensitive, human and ridiculous self.

The Purpose

The purpose of this community of practice is to learn more about and develop our craft of clowning but it is also for people who just want to learn more about the ridiculous side of ourselves and having fun..

The Current Vision

The current vision is to have Guelph become the “go to” place south of Toronto for this kind of networking, exchange knowledge, along with opportunities to learn from best teachers. The community of practice will decide its evolution as the interests and needs of its members change.

The Intent

The intent is to learn from experts from range of types and styles of clowning and to share experience, information and skills with each other. It would also provide opportunities to practice what we have learned and explore, from time to time, related skills aligned with clowning such as; puppetry, mime, circus work improv etc.

How Is It Organized

As a community of practice, Clowning South of TO has a manager who learns for free in exchange for the manager role. No more structure is required. The topic for each workshop or meeting is decided over lunch at the preceding workshop. Fees are based on cost recovery including based the cost of the instructor and other expenses.

Contact information:
Wayne Greenway, Clowning South of TO Community of Practice Manager

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