Hi Everyone,

I work at a store called Dancewear Plus and just wanted to let everyone in London theatre know that we carry a consignment line of dance/theatre costumes. Most of our items are for females but we have a wide range of items and sizes – from circus-style unitards to Renaissance dresses. We just wanted to advertise it a bit in case any directors/designers/costumers were looking for unique items for upcoming shows. Dancewear Plus is located at the corner of Wharncliffe and Commissioners and is open 10-6 during weekdays, and 10-4 on Saturdays. We have a facebook page, and can be contacted at 519-657-0600. Dancewear Plus also has a Cut-&-Sew operation on our premises and we specialize in custom costuming. So keep us in mind for costuming ideas! We also of course carry a huge line of dance wear, tights, and dance shoes, including character shoes (and some are on sale!).

Happy New Year!

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