Doom 2012: when will you flee?

Gordon G.

Doom 2012 is a short 1 hour play (but thats okay and you can stay longer for discussions) about what might happen in the future. The single actor, Doug McKeag, has done his research and tells you how he sees it, but he does remind you that you can decide two belive or not. He is kind of serious, but his is funny and fun to listen to. The use of tech is very good, with great sound effects and cool projector movies and slideshows. A cool idea of audience participation was four survey about when you would flee from one of the four topics and at the end they average it up and tell what year and day your probably going to leave. Unless it’s not your thing I suggest staying for the dicussion afterwards, it’s cool to talk with the rest of the audience and Doug McKeag about what their ideas are. One thing to now is that it’s not quite a play, but more of a lecture, but it is still very fun to watch. I enjoyed it, and i’m sure you will to. I’m giving it 4.5 out of 5.

P.S. .5 off just because it’s an hour long, but like I said thats not a big problem.

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