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London Actors Co-op

Actors Co-op Workshop

An ongoing co-operative environment for actors, from beginners to the more experienced. The goal is to provide a space for actors to practice acting and network. The workshop is tentatively scheduled as twice monthly on Sunday afternoons. The first meeting will be to discuss details of the workshop.

* PLEASE NOTE: this is for actors 18+ (no exceptions) for liability reasons, but also to ensure we focus on adult actors.

When: Sunday Feb 19, 2012 starting at 1pm

Location: Old East Studio, 755 Dundas, London ~2 blocks east of Adelaide, between Lyle & Rectory~

Parking on the street

Workshop Goal: to provide a free environment for actors of all skills to practice and develop their acting skills. The focus will be on being professional, acting for stage, film and television, networking and short film production.

1. practice for a production you are auditioning for, or which you are already in

2. develop or practice a monologue

3. develop your professionalism (resume, headshots, show reel, professional behaviour)

4. perform live and on video in front of a small audience and receive feedback

5. network with others actors and find out about acting opportunities in the city

The yearly goal will be to produce at least one film (of any length) that includes participants as a way to introduce actors to the realities of film and television production as well as creating content for your show reel

London Actors Co-op

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