Grand Theatre Costume Sale [Sept. 29, 2012]

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Have you ever seen an amazing costume on our stage and wished it could be yours? Now's your chance!

Our Wardrobe Department storage is bursting at the seams and we need to make room for this season's exciting creations, so we're having a sale!

The Grand Theatre Costume Sale will feature some of the beautiful costumes you've seen on stage at The Grand along with fabulous wardrobe pieces we can no longer store.

With men's and ladies' clothes, hats, shoes, wigs, accessories and much more, find unique pieces to suit your style, fill your costume trunk or create your greatest Halloween costume to date!

Don't miss this exciting event on Sept. 29 from 9 am to 12 pm in our McManus Studio Theatre downstairs at The Grand at 471 Richmond St., London ON. Come early for the best selection!

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