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From The Grand Theatre:

Position Details

The Head Stage Wardrobe is a permanent, full-time seasonal position (dates vary by season, but typically late summer to mid spring). This position is under the jurisdiction of IATSE Local 105 and reports to the Director of Production and Operations.

Key Responsibilities

  • The safe and efficient set up, running, dismantling and storage of all costume, makeup, and hair elements pertaining to the Spriet Stage, including dressing performers during rehearsals and performances as required by the theatre
  • Maintenance and repair of all costume and hair equipment relating to the staging of theatrical presentations on the Spriet Stage, including, within the limits of their expertise, steamers, washers, dryers, hair equipment, scissors, blow dryers, etc.
  • Maintenance of all costume and hair elements within limits of abilities from time of load-in to load-out.
  • Maintenance and organization of wig and facial hair inventory
  • Coordination of dry-cleaning and extensive maintenance with technical directors/production driver and costume construction
  • Supervision of additional dressers, wig persons, and makeup artists and stagehands during load-ins, rehearsals, performances, and strikes
  • Coordinating work on wig and wardrobe running with other departments, including but not limited to: Wardrobe Construction, Props, Lighting, Sound and Set
  • Maintaining paperwork pertaining to the running of costumes and hair elements on shows, and distributing it to all relevant parties
  • Supervise and organize dressing rooms and activities during productions


As per the IATSE 105 contract. 40 hours guaranteed per week during the operating season. Where there is insufficient work in the stage wardrobe department, work may be assigned in costume construction or related areas to make up the difference.

Additional details, including how to apply, can be found at the original post.

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