Hamish Casting Call


Performance Dates: Wednesday, September 20th (Community Preview) – Sunday, September 24th
Thursday, September 28th – Sunday, October 1st

Audition Location: Maryse Leitch Hall at the Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas Street East
Audition Dates: Monday, May 15, 2023 at 7 pm
Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at 7 pm
Possible Callback: Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 7 pm

Audition Preparation: This play is a comedy and has some minor physical elements to it. Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please bring your calendar with all conflict dates from July 5th to September 19th. Prepared monologues will be accepted as well but you will be asked to read from the script.

The production team is committed to providing inclusive opportunities for diverse performers. While many of the characters have some Scottish heritage, it is the 21st century and artists of all backgrounds, gender identities, sexualities, body types and abilities are encouraged to audition.

Those interested in auditions who have questions should contact Mark Mooney at mgmooney@rogers.com

Production Rehearsal Notes: This is the first production of the 2023 – 2024 season for London Community Players. Rehearsal will begin after the Canada Day holiday weekend. Rehearsals have been scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Thursday during the summer months to allow everyone to have their weekends free. Scheduling may change in September as other productions begin their rehearsal schedules. Actors will be scheduled to maximize rehearsal time and to accommodate vacation plans as much as possible.

Production Synopsis: This is a play about a ghost and occurs in the present. Gordon Grant, an ambitious lawyer at the start of his career has reluctantly agreed to take his first vacation in years by his wife Kelli. She convinces him to travel to Scotland and rent at a cottage built by one his ancestors. Gordon, an only child, was orphaned at a young age and raised by a maternal great aunt and uncle. Kelli hopes that he can learn something about his heritage.

Gordon is horrified to discover there is no cell phone reception and that the manager of the property (who lives a distance away) does not have a working land line. He is cut off from the world and must relax – much to the delight of Kelli.

Tomas, the property manager, is evasive about bagpipe music heard in the distance and about odd occurrences in the cottage. After he leaves, Hamish arrives. He has a great familiarity with the house and its history as Gordon learns when he first encounters him in the cottage. After much confusion, Gordon realizes that Hamish is a ghost – Kelli can’t see him.

Tomas arrives the next day to check up on the couple and admits that he is uncomfortable about renting the cottage because he hears Hamish’s bagpipes… and that the property has been sold because of failure to pay property taxes. The cottage has been sold to Hamish Grant’s worst enemy: the Gordon clan.
Shelby Sutherland, the bank’s representative for the Gordon Industries arrives and soon experiences Hamish’s pranks which Gordon must explain away. Annette Gordon arrives to view the new property and feels a feels a sense of DeJa’Vu. Kelli learns to communicate with Hamish – much to her delight and pours out her secrets to the ghost.

Discoveries are made, secrets are happily revealed, and all is eventually made well.


Gordon Grant: (30s): a young ambitious lawyer who is success driven but loves his wife and wants the best for her.

Kelli Grant: (30s): a loving but concerned wife who delights in every new discovery.

Tomas: (40s to 60s): a Luddite with unusual tastes.

Hamish: (50s to 60s): a ghost who has remained on earth until his family issues are resolved.

Shelby Sutherland: (0s to 60s): an easily rattled but driven accountant for the Gordon family.

Annette Gordon: (40s to 50s): a rich corporate executive who has connections to the Grant family.

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