LCP Presents: "You Are Here" by Daniel MacIvor



You Are Here
By Daniel MacIvor

September 6-8, 2019

Auditions & Callbacks will be held in Maryse Leitch Hall in the Palace Theatre, 710 Dundas Street, London, Ontario. Paid parking available at rear of building. Street parking is free after 6:00pm. Enter through box office doors.

DIRECTOR: Jason McMannis
PRODUCER: Rebecca Hall
STAGE MANAGER: Jennifer Sadler

AUDITIONS: By Appointment. Email our lovely Stage Manager ( with preferred date and time for your audition slot and/or any questions. Options of Friday, September 6 (evening) or Saturday, September 7 (afternoon).

CALLBACKS: Sunday, September 8 (afternoon).

REQUIREMENTS: Solo auditions will consist of a prepared short dramatic monologue and cold reads from the script.

PRODUCTION DATES: January 20-26, 2020 in Procunier Hall at the Palace Theatre.

REHEARSALS: Ideally Tuesdays and Thursdays (7-10 pm) and Sundays (1-4 pm) starting in mid to late October 2019 (*Subject to change*).

This play is a brilliant blend of emotion, laughter, and artistry. The audience is drawn to a unique relationship with Alison as they are taken through the highs and lows of Alison’s past. Friendships; both good and bad… Love and lost love. Extreme happiness, and unfiltered sadness. Every character in this script plays a pivotal role in shaping the path Alison takes in her journey through adulthood. A script that leaves you feeling the warmth within the darkness of life’s struggles. A truly riveting piece of theatre.


Alison: The central focus of the story. Strong, simple, articulate. Alison projects confidence, but like most of us, struggles with her identity. Despite her cool exterior, she is fighting some internal demons, but fails to properly address them. She does not mince words… is armed with a dry delivery but is forced to come face-to-face with extreme hardships. (25 – 40ish)

Richard: Alison’s BFF. Fun, liberal man. Richard has an inability to commit and struggles to find his footing in life. Despite all of this, he’s a fun-loving witty guy…who isn’t afraid to get personal or make fun of you. (20 – 35ish)

Diane Drake: Diane is a true thespian. She is very confident in her acting abilities but apprehensive as an artist… despite having strong artistic tendencies. Passionate, and knowledgeable about her craft; she is confident in her abilities, but still seeks the respect of people she sees as her ‘equals’. She has a charming arrogance to her persona. (25 – 35ish)

Jerry: Jerry is a very passionate man. He is driven by his interest in helping people but can’t turn off the artist inside him. He falls quickly and deeply in love and has no problem committing if he feels loved in return. (25 – 35ish)

Thomas Roman: Thomas is a film director and true artist. Thomas made his name directing low budget, yet captivating films… but has recently found himself directing more “Mainstream” movies that lack substance, and it clearly bothers him. There is a subtle arrogance to Thomas, but it’s a by-product of his confidence. In no way is he someone who sees himself as “better than anyone”, though he can come across that way. (30 – 40ish)

Connie Hoy: Alison’s opposite. She’s your classic young, rich girl who aspires to the “white picket fence” lifestyle. As a university student, this mindset rubs her classmates the wrong way… but Connie is completely oblivious to how she is perceived by her pupils. (18 – 25ish) – This actor also features as an Assistant Director of a movie set.

Professor Steeves: Ted Steeves is not your typical looking professor. He is suave, with an artistic flair. He can create a personal bond with his students through his confidence. (35 – 50ish) – This Actor also features as Alison’s Doctor, and a Waiter at different times in the script.

Paul & Justin: Paul and Justin are both played by the same actor but are two VERY different people. (20 – 25ish)
– Paul is someone I would describe as a “Christian Shai LeBouf”. He is Diane’s co-star in the film. He’s a young actor who desperately wants to do meaningful, artistic work… but runs into issues with the script, and it challenges his faith.
– Justin is young drug dealer, whose relationship with Alison is somewhat unclear… but is extremely unhealthy for her. The only thing worse than Justin’s personality is the language he uses.

We are committed to providing opportunities for diverse voices and performers. Experienced artists and newcomers of all backgrounds and ethnicities are encouraged to audition.


If you would like to view the script in advance, please contact the Stage Manager.

If you are not an actor but would like to work on a show, please contact us! There are usually more people working backstage and in the booth than there are on stage.

For more information on any of the plays and/or auditions for the 2019/2020 season, please contact">

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