Little Shop of Horrors – LPAA Productions


Audition today for Little Shop of Horrors, presented by LPAA Productions.

Looking for actors male and female, all ages above 18. See character age breakdowns below.

Auditions run from August 14th-21st of 2023

The show runs November 22-26, 2023 Live on stage at The Wolf Performance Hall.

To book audition and receive audition details, email

Auditions and rehearsals address: 1-962 Leathorne st London Ontario.

Rehearsals: August 27-November 21: Sundays, Mon-Wed evenings.

Character age breakdowns:
Seymour – 18-30
Audrey – 18-30
Mr Mushnik – 30-60
Orin (Dentist) – 25-35
Audrey II (Plant) – 18+
Crystal – 18-35
Ronnette – 18-35
Chiffon – 18-35

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