Looking for a job as theatre technician



I’m wondering if any of you can help me find the contact details of the theaters in London. You see, I’m trying to find myself a new job at any of the theaters in London, because I want to move there for a while… or for good, who knows.

Now I’m a theatre technician in Athens, Greece. Is been 2,5 years since I do this job, not only for the theatre but also for various festivals, music concerts etc. As a technician my job is to build the scene but also to take care of the theatre, in general.

Now I don’t work with contract and basically I could leave tomorrow, if I wanted to, but I was thinking to send first a couple of CVs to the London theatres, rather then move there and search locally. Maybe some of the theatres needs a technician right now and I could skip, this way, the ‘searching for job’ part.

I know I’m the first one posting this kin of thread here, I’ve browsed the forum a little, but believe, I’ve tried to find the contact details myself. I know they’re not much theatres in London, doesn’t compare to Athens, however all I found was addresses and nothing more. Like I said, fax numbers would be great, or even emails.

Or, who knows, maybe some of you knows an empty spot in one of the theatres.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

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