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These actors do not have any lines, but their actions are absolutely essential to the play. Please note if you are a read mom/child combination.

All roles are open to ethnicity, and gender. Child should look 4-7, still sweet, innocent. Mom is upscale, nervous and anxious.

This is all being done online, as we are traveling to London. Please submit here:

Rehearsals: May 22-28
Showtimes: May 29-June 10

THE PLAY: THE CARDBOARD COUNTESS:EVER, 13, struggling with depression, meets a homeless woman who wears a gown of garbage bags and proclaims she is a Countess.

A fragile friendship ensues, vacillating between hilarity and sorrow as the audience is forced to alter their perceptions of poverty and humanity in a heart wrenching open-ending.
These two characters, both fighting to be heard in an ever hostile world, is a play audiences of all ages can relate to.

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