Murder Mystery Actors

Murder For Hire

Murder For Hire is always interested in new talent. We are willing to train suitable candidates for various roles within our company, events taking place throughout the year with September – December being our busiest season. Acting experience is not essential to be a successful murder mystery actor, however you must be able to project your voice, be able to speak with strangers and most of all… be reliable and committed. A good sense of humour, being ‘quick on your feet’, and having the ability to ‘go with the flow’ are also great assets for a successful murder mystery actor.

Our troupe is comprised of men and women from 20 – 60+ and from all walks of life. Many are professionals, some are students, but they are all very interesting and fun-loving individuals. Not only do you (usually) receive a nice meal during your murder mystery performance, but you also receive an honorarium.

If you are interested in joining our troupe, please contact Kay at Murder For Hire by sending an email to [email protected] or check out the website in the meantime at

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