Open Call for Directors for WEIGHT by Jan Sims – Tinkerspace Theatre


Open call for directors for the Tinkerspace production of Weight by Jan Sims.

This one act play contains 3 scenes between 3 different pairs of women (played by two actors). A video chat between two women on opposite ends of the weight spectrum, a heated argument over parenting styles in a dance studio, and a bride-to-be’s fantastical interaction with a mermaid. Each scene centers around different complications regarding women’s body issues and their place within society. This play has been workshopped through the Tinkerspace Playlabs program, and will be a feminist examination of the way weight and body image affect women and their interactions with the world.

Weight is to be performed at TAP Center for Creativity March 5-7th 2020. Just in time for International Women’s Day! Actors auditions will occur in late October, rehearsals beginning in November.

Interested in shaping vision of this play? Contact ( for a copy of the script and to schedule a discussion meeting (Oct 10, Oct 20, alternated days available). We’re looking to understand your take on the script and characters and how you see them coming to the stage.

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