Paid Workshop of New Monologues from Kevin Andrew Heslop – Ten Actors Needed

Kevin Heslop


Ten actors are needed for a workshop taking place at TAP Centre for Creativity June 25 and 26th and July 9th.

Payment for each participating actor will be a minimum $120.

The text to be workshopped is a sequence of ten new monologues from Kevin Andrew Heslop. Individual monologues from this sequence have been published by Anstruther Press, the Blue Nib, Frog Hollow Press, Gordon Hill Press, and The Quarantine Review.

Direction will be provided by Julia McCarthy.

For further details and to see the script of the text to be workshopped, email a CV and headshot to

Here’s a word about the playwright …

Kevin Andrew Heslop is a polydisciplinary doofus whose debut poetry collection the correct fury of your why is a mountain, “read with admiration” by Nobel Prize-Winning novelist J.M. Coetzee, appeared with Gordon Hill Press in 2021 and whose work as a poet, filmmaker, curator, actor, playwright, and journalist has appeared or is forthcoming, respectively, with Guernica Editions (2022), Collusion Books (2021), The Fiddlehead (2020), Anstruther Press (2020), and Frog Hollow Press (2019); the Toronto Short Film Festival (2022), the Los Angeles International Film Festival (2022), the Milan Gold Awards (2022), and the Paris Play International Film Festival (2022); McIntosh Gallery (2022), Heaven Scent (2022), and Westland Gallery (2023); TAP Centre for Creativity (2017), The Grand Theatre (McManus Stage, 2017), Purple Shorts (2018), and TAP Centre for Creativity (2019); TAP Centre for Creativity (2022); and Hamilton Arts and Letters (2020), The Devil’s Artisan (2021), and The /tƐmz/ Review (2022), for which Kevin currently serves as Poetry Editor and Resident Interviewer. His practice is located southwest of where Deshkan Ziibi antlers unceded through London Township Treaty (1796) territory.

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