People needed


Hello everyone my name is Alex. I’m looking for some individuals to collaborate with me on some projects I’ve been developing. I am new to filmmaking, but I’ve been acting most of my life, and I have experience in writing, directing, photography, and videography. I’m still fairly new to the London film community, but I’m hoping some people out there would be interested in creating together. Any experience level is welcome as long as you can be reliable, and if things go well there would be bigger things I’d like to collaborate on in the future. This is a volunteer position. Currently, I’d like to work on 2 projects:

1. A creature-based Horror Short (~5 mins)
2. An improv-based Mockumentary Web Series (<10mins per episode)

As mentioned before, I’m really open to anyone looking to help out, but specifically seeking other actors, camera/production people, makeup/props, and pretty much any creative people who are cool with holding a light or mic for a few minutes. If you want to know more about me you can check out my website at, but basically, I’m looking to tell visual stories that explore the human condition (with a healthy dose of humour). Please DM me here or email me at Looking forward to getting more involved in this community.

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